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Budapest property prices have soared since the market rebounded in 2014 following the global financial crisis. Between the end of February and April, the available rents in Budapest rose by 22 percent from the end of February to the end of April. Market prices have also shot up in recent months, according to data from the Budapest Real Estate Authority.

The annual investment volume reflects the level of the last three years, which indicates strong demand for real estate in Budapest and Hungary as a whole. In many ways, it is a case of investors running into a booming economy and benefiting from the low interest rates and low cost of investing in real estate in Hungary itself. In reality, the Hungarian real estate market is still underindebted compared to other countries such as Germany, France and the United States. While Hungary's capital is one of the most expensive places to invest in real estate in Europe, the situation for Budapest has only worsened in recent years.

In fact, prices overall rose 104 per cent in 2014, with the capital alone seeing an average of 4.5 cents a month rise.

Nevertheless, Budapest real estate is still a relatively cheap supply, he says: "In the centre of Budapest and in the Buda mountains, prices are likely to exceed pre-crisis levels. In fact, you don't even have to run an agency, as most agencies post their real estate listings online anyway. Instead, you can simply browse the leading real estate portals in Hungary or contact the various agencies that list their properties on them. We work with a number of agencies in Budapest and can help you to find properties according to your requirements.

If you are considering buying a property as a new home or investment, Hungary is one of the preferred options. You can select the area you are interested in, including Budapest, Balaton and other parts of Hungary, and you can search for properties in the capital, as well as in other cities and towns in Hungary. Hungarian real estate market, which makes it one of the best options on the market for those considered buyers of real estate.

Hungary, with its large and growing economy and high quality of life, has become a very attractive destination for tourists and investors.

This is an important catalyst that could be a catalyst for the growth of the real estate market in Hungary and the rest of Europe. There are some good online portals where you can find available properties for sale, be it in Budapest, Szeged, Budapest or other parts of Hungary.

The average price per m2 of living space in Budapest is about $2,500 ($3,000) for a two-bedroom apartment. Budapest properties are sold at the lower end, so for someone who only wants one address for Budapest, a comfortably furnished room can be rented for less than 100 US $per month.

The apartment in the central district of Budapest has played an important role in Hungary's economic recovery, partly caused by the tourist boom, but house prices have remained the same or fallen. Annual transactions collapsed when Hungary was hit by the pandemic in March and continued to fall in April. House prices fell again in May, with an average price per square metre of living space of $2,500 (£3,000) a month.

If you have money left over, why not invest in an EU member state and buy the house of your dreams? If you are sitting on a pile of cash in the bank and want to increase your exposure to hard assets, a real investment in Budapest and Hungary is an attractive option. The 7th district is therefore one of the areas that offers the best opportunity to invest in newly built residential and commercial buildings.

Before you start looking for property in Hungary, it is important to decide what type of property you want to buy. Real estate investments in Budapest and Hungary are yours and you pay property taxes when you rent an apartment. The normal way of marketing your property outside Hungary is through an agent who can also value the property for you. A real estate agency charges clients who want to buy a property the same amount they would pay if they owned it.

The documented costs of acquiring and developing the property permitted under Hungarian law can be deducted from your income from the sale, as well as the costs of real estate tax.

If you are interested in investing in real estate in Budapest or Hungary, it is important to understand the general dynamics. You should be aware of all the necessary steps you need to take when considering an investment within Budapest, and you will need local unbiased insights to play your game that you will not get from a normal real estate agent in Hungary. They come mainly from China and Russia, although some Russians look to the countryside occasionally, but they are mainly interested in the more expensive places outside Budapest.

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