Budapest Hungary Marriott Hotel

The Budapest Marriott Hotel redefines contemporary travel and offers redesigned rooms that capture the vibe, innovation and beauty of the city. Located on the banks of the Danube, the hotel is the perfect destination for travellers seeking modern comfort close to some of its most valuable sights. Brilliant design accents are chic windows and benches, allowing guests to plunge into breathtaking views along the Danube. Located in the city centre, the hotel offers a unique blend of modern design and modern amenities, with an emphasis on comfort, comfort and style.

Integrated with artistic and architectural elements, it also serves as a space that is designed as both a closed - spatial and an open - airspace. This area includes an individual area for relaxing, reading, working and enjoying coffee and light snacks, a social area around the Liz Chain Bar and a guest service area where guests can check in and out. These areas include the social zone with the Liz bar and the guest service area where customers check in and out. You can book a stay at the hotel or receive more information about the hotel services by calling 36 1 - 486 - 5000. is the world's largest online hotel booking service for Budapest and Budapest, Hungary, and is the most popular booking platform for hotel bookings in the city of Budapest.

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The interior is modern and tactile, so that guests feel comfortable from the first moment. Today, however, it is all about a welcoming atmosphere, and the interiors are modern but tactile, to give guests a sense of comfort and convenience. Inspired by its predecessor, the Greatroom has a decorative screen that also serves to zone out the room by shutting it off.

The newly designed space has an aesthetic value similar to the Great Hall, adopting Bauhaus principles and favouring functionality over ornamentation, asymmetry over symmetry. A colour scheme has been created to complement the integrated artwork and create an impressive gallery of sensations that gives the space a sense of space and comfort, as well as an atmosphere of comfort and convenience. The 22 degree celebration for locals continues in the lobby, with a new bar, hair salon and cafe, as well as an outdoor garden.

The result is in line with the brand's expectations and creates a homely feeling in the city, while introducing local context and artistic provenance.

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