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January is not really the best month for activities in Budapest, Hungary, but it is the one in which the city is so attractive. March in Hungary is a great time of year for many things, not least the celebration of Hungarian Independence Day.

The top annual program for May includes a number of events, such as the annual Festival of Music, Dance, Art and Music Festivals. Annual highlights include the Budapest International Film Festival, the Hungarian National Festival and the National Film and Television Festival.

As if Budapest's cultural calendar wasn't already full enough, there's also the annual Festival of Music, Dance, Art and Music in September. This summer festival, which usually takes place at the end of July, is the only time in which many of the world's leading artists, musicians, dancers and musicians are seen in Budapest. The festival takes place every year in the summer months, starting in September, and then again in October and November.

Of all the celebrations in Hungary, one in Budapest is the largest and most fascinating. The whole event takes place in one day, with a marathon through the streets of Budapest, the most popular tourist destination of the city and the heart of the capital.

Budapest in autumn is similar to most European cities: the temperature varies between cool and pleasant during the day and cool in the evening. Budapest has several forest and park areas throughout the city where you can see the pretty autumn colours. The day - time temperature is pleasant at 16 degrees, but goes up to 7 degrees at night, and cloudy days interrupt the rainfall from time to time.

Nothing beats the cold days in Budapest, which end in October, when you can celebrate in a heated, natural spa. Jokai (bean soup) is literally soul food and is baked to nourish the body, but it is also good for the soul.

When the time is right in early March, the New Year's Eve events in Budapest take place in the heart of the city and many of us celebrate. The open air market is held every first Saturday of the month from January to March, with a variety of food and drink stalls and vendors. These stands offer a wide range of goods, such as fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

The Budapest Zoo and the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture also organize a special program, ideal for families with children, which is also organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Technical University of Budapest and other institutions.

Performances of operas, concerts, dance and drama will take place in the Budapest Opera, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and other institutions. The Budapest Festival Orchestra will conduct concerts every first Sunday of the month in October and November. Budapest also organises extensive programmes in the summer months after the end of the winter season and the beginning of the spring and summer holidays.

The Budapest Summer Festival takes place in June, July and August and is the largest and most popular summer festival in Hungary and one of the largest in Europe. From June to July or August, Margaret Island in the heart of Budapest hosts a variety of music, art, food and cultural events. It all starts on 1 May, when Hungarians celebrate Labour Day with a celebration of labour rights in Budapest and other parts of Hungary.

The Budapest Palinka Sausage Festival offers visitors the opportunity to taste some of the best sausages in the world, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, sauvignon blanc and ketchup. The event was initiated by the Hungarian Tourist Board and offers a variety of food and drink from participating restaurants in Budapest and other parts of Europe. While lovers of art and music are likely to do things in the cafes, the gastronomy - food trucks, live music, food stalls and food festivals, as well as a number of events for children.

However, cultural life does not stop at the December festivities, so check out the Budapest calendar of current events before you head out. If you're planning a Budapest trip in February, don't miss the Mangalitsa Pork Festival in Budapest (unless you're a vegetarian, of course). If your budget doesn't stop you from tasting Budapest's culinary excellence, plan your visit in January or February.

Information is available from the Hungarian Arts and Festival Association (tel. Get a copy of the Budapest Panorama from Tourinform to list all events in a given month. Information: For more information about Budapest's art and festivals, get "Budapest Panoramas" from Toursin.

If you are planning a holiday or want to explore the true culture of Hungary, prepare for a holiday you do not want to miss. Here are some exciting events that you can visit iconic attractions and visit in Budapest in October. A selection of museums in the Budapest area are open to the public, and here is a list of all the activities that are to be done in Hungary this month. What can you do outside of Budapest and Hungary in any month of the year: If you plan your holiday or want to explore the "true culture" of Hungary, you should prepare yourself.

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